Prof. Ph.D. Angelo Montanari

Head of the Laboratory
angelo.montanari (at) uniud .it  

Ph.D. Nicola Vitacolonna

Assistant Professor

 nicola.vitacolonna (at) uniud .it  

Prof. Ph.D. Massimo Franceschet

Associate Professor

 massimo.franceschet (at) uniud .it  

Ph.D. Donatella Gubiani (Univ. of Nova Gorica)

Research Fellow

 donatella.gubiani (at) uniud .it  

MSc. Paolo Gallo

Research Fellow (at) uniud .it  

MSc. Andrea Brunello

PhD Student

 andrea.brunello (at) uniud .it  

MSc. Andrea Viel

PhD Student



 List of students and related thesis work made with the support of the lab.