Since many years, the lab is actively working in the area of data management systems. While maintaining its interest in
systems based upon traditional relational databases, the lab has been increasingly involved in projects dealing with various
types of complex data (
temporal databases, spatial databases, spatial-temporal databases, XML databases, image archives,
musical databases, databases for life sciences, treatment of data from
laser scanners, databases for supporting the design
and management of real estate with BIM tools).

A number of projects have been devoted on applications of geographic information systems in different application domains,
including  local governments, systems for handling wide load transport, and integrated management of buildings and land.

In the last  years, a substantial part of the activities of the lab was addressed to projects in the area of data science, that
require the management of an extremely high amount of data, such as, for instance, databases for positioning systems
and databases to support activities related to the customer caring and
telemarketing, and a remarkable capacity of
data analysis and processing (
data analysis tools, such as Pentaho and R, and data warehouse and data mining tools).

The lab is also interested in
advanced research topics in database theory, including spatio-temporal data models, temporal
functional dependencies, automaton-based workflow models , and graph-based algorithms for designing
efficient XML databases.